As sweet as honey

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The client

Mieredulce is a local, 100% natural honey producer. 

The honey is produced in the family’s apiary since 1994, this family business now reaching its third generation.

The challenge

With over 25 years of experience selling honey locally, Mieredulce decided to expand its business online, to reach new customers throughout the country.

Design direction

The design direction was based on the jar label (previous photo). Being a watercolour painted label, with a multitude of bright colours and a playful feel, the whole website was envisioned starting from it.

The website contains different graphic elements that take inspiration from watercolours paintings, like flowers, bees, honey drops or other honey related elements.

The result is a simple and playful website, especially attractive to families.

Product display

The product display is clean, through a number of cards that contain an image, title and price of the product, as well a two buttons – “Add to cart” and “Or see the product details” and an input field used for the selection of the number of products the user wants to add to cart.

Online store

Being an online store, mieredulce.ro has all the expected functionalities for the users to purchase different products, chose their delivery area and see the related costs for that, and manage their order.

Likewise, both the users and the administrators receive different emails based on the order status. The administrators have access to a very intuitive dashboard that allows them to manage the products, stocks, delivery areas, as well as orders.


Since an online store is quite complex, a comprehensive guide was put together. As a result, everything that could be done on the website’s administration dashboard was written out in a simple and easy to understand PDF document.