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The client

Androline is a store specialised on the distribution of industrial products, especially of mechanical transmissions in industry, agriculture, energy, transports, etc.

With over 23 years experience on the industrial products market, Androline is one of the most important local players in this niche. 

The challenge

With a vast experience on the local market, Androline S.R.L decided to supplement the physical location with an online store, in order to expand outside of the local area.

Design direction

Taking into account the store type, and especially the products, the design was envisioned to appear familiarly to the website’s visitors. The structure is a classic one, with centred placed elements, and with a conservative color scheme: a main color – green and a secondary color – red.

Product display

The products marketed on the website are different to the usual online product typology – they lack a featured image for each product. In turn, the products’ distinguishable attributes are their unique code and manufacturer.

Because of this, the product display area was structured as a table, and the individual product pages put forward reviews and recommendations, as there is no additional information that could have been highlighted on this page.

Site-wide search

One of the website’s key points is the site-wide search based on the article’s category. This functionality is available on the first section, being very simple and intuitive to use.


One of the special requests of this store was the ability for website administrators to set different discounts for specific users. While a normal visitor will see the default product prices, a specific user, picked beforehand, can receive different percentage discounts for different products. This way, a fidelity programme can be implemented, where return customers will receive discounts for their return visits.


Due to the website becoming quite complex, a comprehensive guide was put together. As a result, everything that could be done on the website’s administration dashboard was written out in a simple and easy to understand PDF document.