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Adrian Șandru is a lawyer and PhD. student specialised in Criminal Law.

After publishing a large number of law articles in specialised magazines, he decided to take this passion online in the form of a blog.


The customer wanted a law blog that tackles two very specific niches:

  1. Highly specialised articles for law students and professionals.
  2. Easy to understand law articles for the general public.

design direction

  • For the general design direction, we went with a simple yet very professional and serious look.
  • The website puts the content first, making it very pleasant to use by its visitors.
  • Since the customer already had a logo, we took inspiration from it to define the color pallet.

Featured first

The featured articles always appear first on the website, with the most important one also having a large image displayed, while the two next ones only displaying the title and a small excerpt, leaving the focus on the primary one.

Focused on the content

The website is 100% content-focused. The article page follows a middle-screen design to make readability easy.

The specialised articles also include a references section which allows the author to specify anchors which link from the article body to it.

Dark mode

A dark mode was also implemented on the website to further make the readability easy and to reduce eye strain.

We implemented a button that would toggle between the light and dark modes, as well as a setting which would automatically set the website to the dark mode if the operating system the visitor used would have such mode selected. Of course, everything is GDPR compliant, including the setting which remembers the user’s selection.

Site-wide search

One of the website’s key points is the site-wide search based on the article’s category.
The results appear under the search area without the page needing to refresh. In addition, there is also a dedicated results page.

Other notable features

Contact forms

The client wanted to include two different forms on the website:

  1. A contact form, used by the general readers.
  2. An apply as author form, used by people who would like to apply as guest authors for the blog.

For these 2 functionalities, we implemented 2 drawer-like sections, which overlay the content in a left to right motion. This type of section has the advantage that it can be accessed from anywhere on the website without forcing the user to leave the current page.

Guest authors

Another feature the client desired was to have the possibility that different people can apply as guest authors on the website and publish articles. 

For the application part, we’ve implemented the form mentioned before. The guest authors also have an extensive profile builder where they can define their educational and professional experience in the field of law, acting as a custom CV.